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Exporting This Card

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Edit the Image or Memo Which Became the Back of the Letter View

Font Setting

Attach an Image to Letter View

Sender Information Format

Printing the Address Book

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Back side Editing for Each Card

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Borderless Printing

Create Address Book

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Honorific Title Option

Import Addresses that are Not Registered in the Group

Front Side Editing


Default Honorific Title

Draw an Image on the Entire Back Side

Recipient Address Edit


Customize Honorific Title

Hide the Sender's Address and Name

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Load Data

Print Scale Adjustment

Smart Group

Postcard Information Editing


Message Entry and Editing


Set Letter-View. Letter-view can change position and size. You can select vertical writing and horizontal writing.
Enter a sentence in the Letter-View. You can change the font, font size, font color, and font style.
Letter-View can set background color, background transparency, border, line spacing.
Letter-View can attach images. You can resize the attached image. You can attach an image canvas.
Letter-View can attach lists and tables.


Attach Letter-View.

Right click the background.
Select "Letter" from the displayed menu.


Letter-View will be attached to the background.


Message input.

Click Letter-View.
It becomes editable.
Enter the message.
The font editing tool is displayed.


Move and resize Letter-View.

Click the button.

image60 toTopen2a

Move Letter-View

Move to drag the selected Letter-View.
Click Letter-View to deselect it.


Resizing Letter-View

To resize, drag the marker in the lower left corner of the selected Letter-View.
Click Letter-View to move and resize letter view.


Change font size.

Select the character whose size you want to change.
The font size of the selected character is displayed.


To change the font size, click the button or button.

image64 toTopen2a1

Change line spacing.

Click the button and select "Change line spacing".
The change view is displayed.


To change the line spacing, click the button or button.
Line spacing applies to all lines of letter view.


Set background color of Letter-View.

Click the button and select "Set background color".
The color selection view is displayed.


For the background color, click the color button in the color selection view.
The selected color will be applied to the background of the letter view.

image68 toTopen2a1a

Set transparency of Letter-View background.

Click the button and select "Transparency of background".
A slider for adjusting the transparency is displayed below the back side edit view.


To set the transparency, slide the slider.
Click Background or Letter-View to finish.


Set the border.

Click the button and select "Set Border".
The border setting view is displayed.
For border setting, select border size and border color.


Border is set in Letter-View.

image72 toTopen2a1a1

Attach lists and tables.

Click the button.
Select "List" or "Table".


Attach image canvas.

Click the button.
The image canvas setting view is displayed.
An empty image is attached to the place where the caret is placed. You can use the markup function by placing the mouse pointer on the image.


Change font.

Click the button.
The font list is displayed.
The font of the selected character is changed.


Font color change.

Click the button.
The font color view is displayed.
The font color of the selected character is changed.


Change font style.

Click the button.
The font style view is displayed.
The font style of the selected character is changed.


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