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Quick Start Guide


1. Create a card.

Tap the button.


2. Select a postcard.

Tap to select the postcard you want to create.
Tap the "Next" button.


3. Set the address field direction.

Tap the "Next" button.


4. Set the font.

Tap the "Next" button.


5. Set and save sender information.

When starting for the first time, a dialog requesting registration of sender information will be displayed.
Save and tap the "Done" button.

The address and name are fictitious.


6. Create an address book.

Tap the button.

The template saves this state.
By loading the saved file, you can start from this state.

The address and name are fictitious.


7. Select a group.

Select a group and tap the "Done" button.
Groups are taken from

If you select "All contacts", you can also import addresses that are not registered in the group.


8. Show front side.

Tap the address book cell or tap the button to display the front side.

The address and name are fictitious.


9. Create the back side.

Tap the button.
The back side is displayed.

Tap the button.
The back side can be edited.

Print if you don't need the back side.

The address and name are fictitious.


10. Edit images, memo and messages.

The back side edit sheet is displayed.

Tap the button to use the photo library or camera.
To edit a message or memo, long tap on the back to display the edit menu.
Long tap an image or memo to display the edit menu.

Tap the button to finish the back side editing.


11. Prepare for printing.

Tap the button.
Select "Print front side" or "Print back side".
Tap the “Start” button.
Start printing preparation.

The address and name are fictitious.


12. Start printing.

When the print preparation is completed, the print panel is displayed.
Select the printer and tap the “Print” button.

The paper must be set on the printer side.
Set "Postcard" for paper.

The address and name are fictitious.

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