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About "noteCafe Stylo"

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Read Files


To read the file into noteCafe, use the application "noteCafe Stylo".
Using the application "noteCafe Stylo" you can read various files from any folder.
The read file can be saved in "noteCafe".

Readable Files



rtfd, rtf, txt, pdf, html


jpg, png, tiff, gif

Movies and Sounds

mov, m4v, mp4, m4a

Attachable files

keynote, pages, numbers

About "noteCafe Stylo"


“noteCafe Stylo” is a text editor that can be edited with rich text (RTFD). Font, font color, font style, font size can be easily changed. Headlines can be also set easily. Images and files can also be attached. Images can be resized while checking with preview.
"noteCafe Stylo" is saved in rich text (RTFD). It supports iCloud Drive. "noteCafe Stylo" can also be saved in the sandbox.


If the save destination is noteCafe, you can select categories, tags and keywords when saving.
Tags and keywords can also be edited.


The application "noteCafe Stylo" is available from the App Store. Please search "noteCafe Stylo" on the App Store.

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