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Create and Edit Pages

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Delete Categories

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New Page Font Settings

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Export Page as RTFD

About "noteCafe Stylo"

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Loading and Deleting Shared Files

Meeting Mode

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Load HTML File

Create a Meeting List

Font Editing

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Start Meeting Mode

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Reference of Other Pages

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Starting the First


noteCafe will checking the account of iCloud during the first start. When account of iCloud was found, confirmation window appears. If you use iCloud, noteCafe will checking the data of iCloud. It take a few minutes to check.


Select a stored destination.


When iCloud is selected, check the status of the account.


noteCafe looks like can be used.

Description of Each Button


Set the appearance of category list and title list.
Auto: According to the appearance setting of the system. Light color: Fixed to light color. Dark color: Fixed to dark color.

Show Advanced View.
Export / Import / Delete pages Organize pages.
Preferences setting is available.

The operation is terminated.
It is show when "Search" and "Organize Deleted Page" are selected..

Allow or deny auto-save.

It is shown when auto-save is disabled.
Auto-saving is invalid for categories, tags, keyword changes, and new pages.



Show the pages list.

Start the meeting mode.

Create a meeting list.

Create a category.
To edit or delete a category, right click on the category list.

Show tag selection list.
It is possible to narrow down the title list with the selected tag.

Search the title list.

Show the view for setting the date range.

Show information about the page.

Show the search tool.


Search pages belonging to category.

Close the search tool.

Search titles of pages belonging to category.

Search keywords of pages belonging to category.

Set the mode to search further from the search results.
It is show when there is a search result.

Return to the previous search result.
It becomes effective when there is a result retrieved from the search result.

Show the search string creation view for AND search.


Show the ruler.

Show the save panel.
Change page category, tags and keywords when using auto save.

No Edit


Delete the page.

Revoke editing the page.
It is show when edited.

Reading the shared file.
It becomes effective when it is a new page.

Create a new page.

Show the window for the reference page.

Font can be set and edited.

Insert the image canvas.

Insert a list or table.

Share the page.


For Font Editing


Edit the font of the selected character.

Edit the color of the selected character.

Edit the style of the selected character.

Make the line where the caret is set a heading.

Decrease the size of the selected character.

Increase the size of the selected character.

Clicking on the displayed font size field will set the increase / decrease step size to 1 point.

Close font editing.

Right-click on the font size field displayed, you can enter the direct size directly. It is applied with return key.


For Image Resizing



Enter the width/height to be changed. After inputting, confirm with the return key.


Show a preview of the resized image.


Save the resized image.

Close the image resizing.

Create and Edit Pages

Create a New Page


Click the button for creating a new page.
Enter a sentence.
In addition to direct input, it is possible to input by copy & paste or drag & drop.
In addition to text, it is possible to attach images, movies, PDF, files (iWork files etc).

New Page Font Settings


Click the font setting button . The font setting view is shown. Click on the font field to show the font
Select a font using the font list.
Note: The font setting of the new page must be done with the page empty.


Save a New Page


New pages are not auto-saved. To save, use the save panel shown by clicking the Save button .
Save destination category, tags and keywords can be set. The title can also be edited.


Edit/Save Page


When auto save is enabled, edited contents are automatically saved.
If you want to change the save destination category, tag, and keyword when auto save is enabled, use the save panel shown by clicking the save button .
When you decline autosave, use the save panel shown by clicking the save button or .

Font Editing


It is possible to edit the font, font color, font style, headline and font size of the selected character.
Click the font edit button . Font editing will be available.


Click the font change button . The font list is shown. Change the font using the font list.
Click the font color change button . The color panel is shown. Use the color panel to change the font color.
Click the font style change button . The Style panel is shown. Use the Style panel to change the font style.
Shadow color can be changed using color panel. Check the color panel "Shadow".


Click the headline setting button . Make the line where the caret is set a heading.
Click the button to increase the size, and press the button to decrease the size. The font size is changed.
Font size increase/decrease amount is set automatically.
Clicking on the font size field will set the size increment/decrement to 1 point.


Right-click on the font size field displayed, you can enter the direct size directly. It is applied with return key.
If the selected character string contains different font sizes, it can be set to the specified font size.


Resize Attached Image


Double-click the attached image and select "Resize Image". Image resizing becomes possible.


Enter the width/height of the image and decide it with the return key. The aspect ratio of the image is maintained.
The result can be confirmed in the preview.


Use Markup Function


Move the mouse pointer over the attached image, click the Markup pop-up menu, and select Markup.

Insert an Image Canvas


Click the image canvas button . The "Image canvas" popover view is shown.
Insert an empty image canvas on the page. Markup function is available.


Insert a List or Table


Click the List/Table button . The "List/Table" pop-up view is displayed.
Insert a list or table on the page.


Revoke Editing a Page


Edit content can be revoked when auto save rejected. Click the Revoke button .

Delete Page


Click the delete button .
Deleted pages are managed as deleted pages.
Delete pages can be deleted or recovered. Use "Organize deleted pages".

Reference of Other Pages


Click the reference page button . The reference window opens.
Click the page selection button in the reference window. The category list and title list for page selection are shown.
Select the page and click the "Add to List" button. Up to 5 pages can be registered in the list.
Double-clicking on the title list will show a preview of that page.


Click the shared file selection button in the reference window. The shared file list is shown.
Select the file and click the "Add to List" button.

The reference page can use the select and copy function.


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