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AdjustImage Size II Ver 1.0

for macOS

"Adjust Image Size II" converts the loaded images to the specified size all at once.
Useful for generating images to accompany instruction and help documents.
For the image size to be converted, set the width or factor (reduction rate) of the image size. Aspect ratio is preserved. You can specify the original file name or a new file name for the exported image file. When you specify a new file name, it is automatically numbered sequentially.
In addition to the converted image, a list of conversion results will be saved as a PDF file. The list of conversion results can be used for layout settings when creating a document.

• Startup Screen


• Load
Select the folder (directory) where the image is saved and click the "Open" button.


The image will load.
The maximum number of files that can be read is "999".


• Conversion Size Settings
Conversion size sets the width of the image. The height cannot be set.
The aspect ratio of the image will be maintained.
Can also be set by factor (reduction rate).
The DPI value and image type of the converted image can be set.


• Save
Select the folder (directory) where you want to save the converted image and click the "Open" button.
It will be saved in the selected folder.


When you use a new file name, it is automatically numbered sequentially.


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