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noteCafe      Ver 3

   for Mac OS X

The noteCafe is recorded a day-to-day events and interesting Web pages and ideas, you can refer to later. With a rich search function and the narrowing function and the page list, you can find the purpose page quickly.
noteCafe supports iCloud and Local.
Using iCloud, you will be able to share data between your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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Data Management of noteCafe

Location to store the data is local and iCloud. iCloud and Local can be used simultaneously.
Title, keywords and tag can be attached to the page. Page can be classified using the categories and tags.
Pages are sorted by date created. Page can refine by the creation date and modification date.
noteCafe has a search function of three types. Page Search, Title Serach, Keyword Search. It supports AND search.
Delete page is recoverable.

Page Management


Category List

Create, edit and delete.
Pages saved in iCloud can be shared with other devices. Pages saved locally cannot be shared.

Title List

The title list of pages belonging to the selected category. It can be classified by tag.
It is possible to narrow down the title list by changing the date range of creation date and update date.


It is the page selected in the title list. Create, edit and delete.
The page conforms to Rich Text (RTFD) format.




• Font
   Font of new page can be set.
   The font, font size, font color, font style of the selected character can be changed.
   Make the line where the caret is set a heading.

• Image
   Images can be attached.
   Image size can be resized. It is possible to preview.

• List and Table
   Lists and tables are available.

Image Canvas


Insert an empty image canvas into the page. Markup function is available.


Referring to the other Page


Any page can be referenced. Up to 5 pages can be registered and can be switched easily.
The reference page can use the select and copy function.




Search a pages that belong to a category.
Search a title of a page belonging to a category.
Search for a keyword of a page belonging to a category.
AND search is available.
It is possible to search further from the search results.


Page List


The thumbnail of the page can be shown as a list.


Filtering with Date Range


By changing the date range for the creation date and modified date, you can filter down the title.


Shared Extension


Using a share extension, you can send the information easily to noteCafe from other applications.
Supports the Web page, text documents, Richie format documents, images and videos.
Also, it supports the file or PDF documents of the Keynote, Numbers and Pages application.


Shared extension can be set by "Extension" of "System Preferences" setting.
Check "noteCafeShare".


Main Specification

  • OS X 64-bit Processor
  • Sandbox Support
  • iCloud Support

Main Function
Page Management

  • In addition to text, you can attach images, movies, PDF, files (Such as iWork file).
  • The page conforms to RTFD format.
  • Title and keywords will can be attached to the page.
  • The tag can be attached to each page.
  • Category can create, edit and delete.
  • Page can be classified using the categories and tags.
  • The page list can be shown with thumbnails.
  • The preservation of data can use iCloud and Local.
  • File size to be stored in iCloud is limited to 30 MB. Local is limited to 50 MB.

Font Edit

  • Font, font color, font style, font size can be edited.
  • Headline can be set.

Image Edit

  • The image can be resized.


  • Search a pages that belong to a category. Search content is the text data in the page.
  • Search the title of a page belonging to a category.
  • Search for a keyword of a page belonging to a category.
  • Supports the AND-Search.
  • Search from the search results.

Filtering with Date Range

  • By changing the date range for the creation date and modified date, you can filter down the title.


  • It supports auto save.
  • Lists and tables can be inserted.
  • HTML file can be imported. Multiple HTML files can be handled.
  • Supports the markup function.
  • Insert a blank image canvas into the page. You can use the Mark-up function.
  • Other pages can be referred.
  • Pages can be exported as a RTFD file.
  • By using the export and import function, you can share the page that you saved locally on the other device.
  • Deleted pages can be erased or recovery.
  • Supports the Share Extensions.


  • Using the export and import function of noteCafe file, you can transfer the data of noteCafe to a new Mac.
  • When an index necessary for the operation of noteCafe is damaged by some kind of accidents, noteCafe can rebuild an index.

About Conflict

  • If the same page was edited at the same time in the iCloud, it will leave the user who saved in ahead.
    Notification is sent to the other user.

Version Information



Release Date




May 25, 2018

macOS 10.11 or later

1. Fixed localization mistake.
2. Fixed a problem that could not be undo / redo the title, keywords and tags on the save sheet.
3. Fixed some minor bugs.


May 7, 2018

macOS 10.11 or later

1. Shared files can be deleted.
2. Shared files can be displayed in the reference window.
3. Fixed a bug when selecting large text including many fonts.


Apr 19, 2018

macOS 10.11 or later


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