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Related topics and information

Mismatch occurs in the index If you delete a file using iCloud management of System Preferences.

If you accidentally delete a file, please run the "Rebuilding index" in the preferences of noteCafe. You can not recover deleted files.
Do not delete the file using iCloud management.

About the group working of iCloud.

Note on group work : If you work in a group, please set the editing restrictions in the Preferences.
Content of members that you saved in the first will be updated when multiple members are editing the same page. Notification is sent to the other members. Notification dialog appears when others member do the editing operation. Can save to Local the page if necessary.
The index and the keyword will be updated automatically.

About the restricted editing operation.

The administrator can set a limit on the editing operation to keep the safety when using the iCloud on group. The following are limitation content.
"Create new category", "Edit of category", "Delete of category", "Change of category"
Administrators can use the editing operation of all. Members of non-administrator will not be able to use the item limit. You can set a limit of editing operation in the preferences of noteCafe. A member of a group of non-administrator can not change this setting.
The administrator can set a password. Administrators can check the password by typing "administrator" in the password input window. The password can be viewed on a device of the administrator.
Local is not restricted.

When the network is not available.

The page that you saved to iCloud, you can use normally be cases where you can not use the network. The iCloud will update the server when iCloud was able to use the network. If manymember has updated the same page, mismatch occurs when the network is restored.
If you set a limit of editing operation, can add the editing restrictions in cases where you can not use the network. It is possible to prevent the occurrence of inconsistencies. The following are additional content.
"Create new page", "Edit of page", "Delete of page", "Change of tag", "Organize of delete pages"
If can not use the network, the administrator will be also subject to restrictions.
Local is not restricted.

Information ----- Jan 21, 2016

Please to respond as follows: If you can no longer be synchronized iCloud after updating the OS to 9.2.1.
You will download it again from iTunes by deleting the application once.

 This problem has occurred in the developer's environment. (IOS 9.1 -> 9.2.1)
Device where the problem occurred is iPhone 6.
iPad is operating normally.

Bug information

•When creating a table, the border color is not displayed properly. -------------Jun 3, 2017
   It seems that the phenomenon comes from IOS 10.3.2.

   Fixed in version 1.5.3.                          Jun 5, 2017

Unable to use the page search in the iCloud. ------------------------------- Jan 11, 2016

An error is displayed when performing a page search. Title search and Keyword serach is correct.

Fixed in version 1.1.0.                             Jan 16, 201

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