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The noteCafe is recorded a day-to-day events and interesting Web pages and ideas, you can refer to later. With a rich search function and the narrowing function and the page list, you can find the purpose page quickly.
noteCafe supports iCloud and Local.
Using iCloud, you will be able to share data between your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Data management of noteCafe

Location to store the data is local and iCloud. iCloud and Local can be used simultaneously.
Title, keywords and tag can be attached to the page. Page can be classified using the categories and tags.
Pages are sorted by date created. Page
can refine by the creation date and modification date.
noteCafe has a search function of three types. Page Search, Title Serach, Keyword Search.
Delete page is recoverable.

iPhone and iPad has the same user interface.

iPad supports landscape. iPhone does not supports landscape.

image5en image5ipaden

Page management

image5en1 image7en image6en
categorytablei2 titletablei2

Page view

Show the category list

Show the title list

Title and keywords can be attached to the page.
Tag can be attached to the page.
The page can be edit and delete.

When you tap a category, you will see only the pages that belong that category.
Category can create, edit and delete.

Double-tap the title, the page is displayed.
Title List is a page that matches the category and tag.
It will be sorted in the creation date. You can refine by creation date and modification date.

Edit Mode and View Mode

image5en2 imqge25en

View Mode

Edit Mode

viewi2 pageediti2

Edit mode allows you to edit the page. But you can not link to URL or phone number. Further, the attached items you cannot save or copy.

View mode can link to a URL or phone number. Also, the attached items you can save or copy.
But you can not edit.

Note: Ver 1.5.0 later
In the edit mode, link operations and attached items also can now be operated. Tap to edit, long press to operate links and attached items.

Zoom, Search, Refine by creation date and modification date

image8en image9en image10en
searchi2 daterangei2



Refine By creation date and modification date

You can zoom page with the pinch-in and the pinch-out.
it will return to the default size in the long-press (two fingers).

You can use the page search, title search and keyword search.
Supports an AND search.

Title list and search list can refine by the creation date and modification date.

Share Extension

image26en image27en

Using a share extension, you can send the information easily to noteCafe from other applications.

Supports the Web page, text documents, Richie format documents, images and videos. Also, it supports the file or PDF documents of the Keynote, Numbers and Pages application.

Photo by gizmodo.com

Photo by gizmodo.com

Main specification

  • IOS
  • iCloud support
  • Supprots Device
    iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, se, 7, 7 Plus
    iPad 3, 4, Air, mini 2, mini 3, mini 4, Air 2, Pro (12.9"), Pro (10.5"), Pro (12.9" 2nd Generation)

Main function.

. [ Page Management ]

  • Page creation, Storage, Editing.
    Can save text and images, and movies. Page format is RTFD format.
  • Title and Keywords.
    Title and keywords will can be attached to the page.
  • Tag.
    The tag can be attached to each page.
  • Category.
    Can create, edit and delete a category.
  • Classification.
    Can be classified by category and tag.
  • iCloud and Local.
    The preservation of data can use iCloud and Local.
    noteCafe is limiting the file size. Max 30MB.

. [ Search ]

  • Page Search.
    Can search all target pages. Search content is the text data in the page. It does not search the metadata.
  • Title Search.
    Can search all target page's title.
  • Keyword Search.
    Can search all target page's keyword.
  • The search target.
    The search target is the page that matches the categories and tags.
  • AND-Search.
    noteCafe supports a "AND-search".

. [ Refine ]

  • Refine by creation date.
    Can refine the search results list and title list by the range of creation date.
  • Refine by modification date.
    Can refine the search results list and title list by the range of modification date.

. [ Others ]

  • Lists and tables can be inserted.
  • Export and the import of the page.
    Even if a storage is local, you can share data.
    It supports via the iCloud or via the iTunes.
  • Recovery of the page.
    Can recover a page that has been deleted.
  • Movement of the page.
    Can change the categories and tags of the page.
  • App extensions.
    Supports the Share Extensions.

. [ Rescue ]

  • Rebuilding of the index.
    When an index necessary for the operation of noteCafe is damaged by some kind of accidents, noteCafe can rebuild an index.


  • noteCafe does not support the auto-save feature of iCloud. When you saved it with a save button, the editing page is sent to iCloud.
  • If a group member are editing at the same time a same page on the iCloud, it is updated by the page contents of the member who saved it first. Notification is sent to the other editors.

Version information


Release Date




Jul 12, 2017

IOS 9 or later

1. The print format has been changed..
Now you can print in the same format as the layout shown on the page.


Jun 28, 2017

IOS 9 or later

1. iPad Pro (10.5-inch) and iPad Pro (12.9-inch 2nd generation) are supported.


Jun 8, 2017

IOS 9 or later

1. Improved stability of printing function.


Jun 5, 2017

IOS 9 or later

1. Fixed a problem that the border color was not displayed correctly when creating the table. (This problem has arisen from IOS 10.3.2.)


May 2, 2017

IOS 9 or later

1. Fixed a bug where images are not attached when sharing pages.


Mar 30, 2017

IOS 9 or later

1. iPad 9.7-inch was supported.


Mar 18, 2017

IOS 9 or later

1. The title extraction function was improved.
2. Edit and link access is now easier. Editing can be done by tap. You can also access links and attachments with long press.
3. Minor bug fixes.


Jan 17, 2017

IOS 9 or later

1. Fixed a bug that languages that require conversion cannot be entered in table cells. (Japanese and others)


Jan 12, 2017

IOS 9 or later

1. Lists and tables can be inserted.
2. Cut, copy, and paste behavior has been optimized.
3. Minor bug fixes.


Sep 19, 2016

IOS 9 or later

1. Supports the IOS 10.
2. Minor bug fixes.


Jun 3, 2016

IOS 9 or later

1. It was to be able to print at the optimal size to the printing paper (A4).
2. It was abolished the update process message of iCloud, which has been displayed at the time of start-up. It will be processed in the background.


Jan 16, 2016

IOS 9 or later

1. Fixed a bug that could not be used the page search in the iCloud.
2. Application version number was to be displayed.


Nov 9, 2015

IOS 9 or later


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