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At Startup

A new page is displayed immediately after startup. It is possible to read files and perform editing work.


Description of Each Button

openpenn savepenn

Open the file.

Save the page.
It will be displayed when that has been edited.


Delete edits.

Set the font of the new page.

importpenn sharepenn

Open the shared file.

Share the page.


Display support links and descriptions.

Read File

Read from iCloud Drive.
Read from the sandbox of noteCafe Stylo. (RTFD file only)


 The file shared by the shared extension is read. (RTFD file only)
 Shared files are deleted by saving after loading. If you delete without saving after loading, the shared file will not be deleted.


Files that can be load


rtfd, rtf, txt, pdf, html  (Attached files cannot be read.)


jpg, png, tiff, gif

Videos and Sounds

mov, m4v, mp4, m4a

Attachable files

keynote, pages, numbers

Edit Page


If it is not edited, set the font of the new page.

en3 en4

Edit the font.
   It can be edit the font, font color, font style, headline, font size of the selected character.
   Make the line where the caret is placed headline.

fontpenn3 fontcolorpenn fontstylepenn

Cange Font Color

Change Font

Change Font Style

hedlinepenn fontsizepen

Set Headline

Change Font Size


The font size of the selected character is displayed.


Tapping on the font size field will set the size increment/decrement to 1 point.


Long-Press on the font size field displayed, you can specify the direct size directly.

If the selected character string contains different font sizes, it can be set to the specified font size.

List and Tables can be inserted.



  • List
    When numbers or alphabets are used for bullets, the following restrictions apply.
    If it is added or deleted in the middle of the list, it will not be sorted.
  • Table
    The created table cannot be edited.  (Column, row, cell width, border)
    Vertical alignment of the created table cannot be changed.
    Multiple cells cannot be selected in edit mode.
    If the number of characters in the cell is more than one line, some of the table may not be displayed.
    On macOS you can display normally.
    If the vertical alignment of the table is set to top align, it will be displayed normally.

Insert photos and videos.


Resize the image. To resize, long-press the attached image. It can be preview.


Attachments and Links

Long press to operate.

Delete Page


Delete the page. A new page will be displayed.


It can be search. searchn  Search for the next.


Zoom (For iPhone Only)

The page can be zoomed in by pinch in and pinch out operations.
It returns to the default size with long press (2 fingers).



Save it in rich text (RTFD).
Save it in the iCloud Drive.
Save it in the sandbox of "noteCafe Stylo".
Save it to the application "noteCafe". (When using noteCafe)


Note: Files placed in iCloud Drive cannot be overwritten. Change the filename and save.

Save to Sandbox
  The second and subsequent saves can be overwritten by simply tapping the save button.
  If you want to save as another file, long press the save button. The save view is displayed.

About "noteCafe" application
 The noteCafe can be purchased from the App Store. Please search "noteCafe" on the App Store.

Overview of noteCafe
 The noteCafe is recorded a day-to-day events and interesting Web pages and ideas, you can refer to later. With a rich search function and the narrowing function and the page list, you can find the purpose page quickly.
 noteCafe supports iCloud and Local.
 Using iCloud, you will be able to share data between your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

noteCafeios64 en13

 When saving from "noteCafe Stylo" to "noteCafe", there are times when you need the following operations.
 If it is a category that does not have a saved page, please move to the category list once and reload the category. You can display the page saved by this operation.

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