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What is an application?

Applications are noteCafe, noteCafe Stylo, photoCafe-FL, postcardCafe Atelier, Big Number Calculator.

Collection of information.

We do not request customer's personal information when using the application.
Application will not collect any data created by customer.
The application does not collect any information about the behavior.

About e-mail contact.

If you receive questions or defect information from customers via e-mail, we will use that information to provide you with the best support.
All information including the received personal information will be used only for support.


Services provided on our homepage do not use cookie.

About change of privacy policy.

This privacy policy will be revised according to changes in laws and social circumstances.


Kunio Takeuchi

Effective Date: Sep 7, 2018
Update Date: Dec 2, 2018   Added "postcardCafe Atelier" to the application.
Update Date: Nov 23, 2020   Added "Big Number Calculator" to the application.

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